Cel Kondar

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Cel Kondar
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Biographical Information
Homeworld Kazzin
Born 2179
Died Alive (Age 32)
Occupation Assassin
Physical Description
Species Kazzinoid
Sex Male
Height 5'
Distinguishing Traits Unusually tall for a Kazzinoid, wears a lot of suits

Most likely the most notorious assassin in the Mezz Pact Systems, this Kazzinoid is as known for his invisibility as for his general lack of scruples. Usually takes contracts involving corporate and political sabotage, but occasionally takes contracts from organized criminals--the few who can afford him.

While assassination is not technically illegal on Kazzin, Kondar's activities (particularly his lack of membership in official assassins guilds) have ruffled the wrong gills from time to time, making him the most wanted figure on the planet. It is rumored that for this reason, he now takes contracts elsewhere, possibly Zunt.

He is the brother of the similarly wanted Karema Kondar.