Horatio Macrembo

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Horatio Macrembo, MD, PhD
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Biographical Information
Homeworld Terra
Born 1973 AD
Died Alive (Age 55)
Occupation Medical Researcher
Physical Description
Species Human
Sex Male
Height Unremarkable
Distinguishing Traits Pencil mustache

Doctor Horatio Macrembo was a Human medical doctor and scientist. He worked with Dr. Data Longjohn at The Center For Life Extension on the Cure for Death. Despite some severe flaws with the cure (namely: it turned people into horrific walking corpses), Macrembo intended to release the cure to the public, leading to a falling-out with Longjohn.


Thanks to the meddling of one Tiberius Grismath and a group of saboteurs hired by Dr. Longjohn, Dr. Macrembo perished at the hands of his own monstrous creations during the Destruction of C-Lex.