Karema Kondar

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Karema Kondar
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Biographical Information
Homeworld Kazzin
Born 2177
Died Alive (Age 34)
Occupation Mercenary
Physical Description
Species Kazzinoid
Sex Female
Height 5' 3"
Distinguishing Traits Very tall for a Kazzinoid

Karema Kondar is a soldier of fortune from Kazzin. She is the founder and chief of Kondar Under-Radar Security, or K.U.R.S., the largest illegal mercenary group in the Mezz Pact Systems and surrounding areas. Kondar personally has something of a reputation for brutality, although the K.U.R.S. are generally professional and reliable when under contract. Not the backstabbing type.

While the government of Kazzin has little issue with mercenary work, the proliferation of the K.U.R.S. throughout the surrounding systems (and resulting diplomatic pressure) has led them to put warrants out for Kondar's arrest.

Said to be the brother of Cel Kondar, though some researchers have questioned whether this is a fabrication. Most of those researchers are now deceased.