Lizz Badfoot

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Lizz Badfoot
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Biographical Information
Homeworld Nasar
Born 2008 AD
Died Unknown
Occupation Competitive Dancer
Physical Description
Species Salahar
Sex Female
Height Short for a Salahar
Distinguishing Traits Lame foot

Lizz Badfoot (born Ssalaka Kahana) is a Salahari dancer currently living on Ala Centauri.

Early Life

Raised by a monastic order of priestesses on Nasar, Kahana was forced to listen to groovy tunes every day, but forbidden from singing or dancing.

For several years, Kahana practiced dancing after hours, until she was found out by the priestesses and placed in solitary confinement. She eventually escaped by tunneling through the floor and hiding in a vat of herbal moisturizers that was being shipped off-planet. While in the vat, one of her feet suffered a severe allergic reaction, leaving her with a mild but permanent limp.

Stage Persona

Adopting the name "Lizz Badfoot," Kahana hitchhiked through the New British Empire until she reached the Ameriterritories, where she found considerable success as a competitive dancer on Ala Centauri.

She cultivates an outsize stage persona, claiming to have been a high priestess with visions of the future. Nasar authorities have repudiated this claim.


After she was defeated on a dance-off by Tiberius Grismath, Badfoot joined him on a mission to destroy The Center For Life Extension on behalf of Data Longjohn.