Luis Carnaval

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Luis Carnaval, PhD
Dr. Carnaval at C-Lex
Biographical Information
Homeworld Terra
Born 1994 AD
Died 2028 AD (Age 34)
Occupation Medical Researcher
Physical Description
Species Human
Sex Male
Height Pretty normal
Distinguishing Traits Oblivious

Doctor Luis Carnaval was a medical researcher at The Center For Life Extension. While he was initially strongly committed to his work, on the Cure for Death, he began to have reservations. Carnaval saw Doctor Macrembo's cavalier attitude toward the horrific side effects as unconscionable. During the Destruction of C-Lex in 2028 AD, he made contact with the strike team and offered to help them stop Doctor Macrembo.


After speaking with Doctor Longjohn's strike team, Carnaval retreated to a control room, planning to lock down the C-Lex facility. Instead, Tiberius Grismath caused an explosion that led to the release of C-Lex's undead test subjects. The zombies, perhaps identifying Carnaval as their captor, immediately mauled him to death.