Mantic Kal-Mezz

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Mantic Kal-Mezz
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Biographical Information
Homeworld Kazzin
Born 2157
Died Alive (Age 55)
Occupation Celebrity, Tycoon
Physical Description
Species Kazzinoid
Sex Male
Height 4' 2"
Distinguishing Traits Stylish cape, eyepatch (fake)

A son of the famous Ubezz Mezz, Mantic feared never living up to his family name. Working as a tank cleaner at the Capital City Aquarium on Kazzin, his luck changed during the Invasion of Kazzin. Kal-Mezz and his partner, the slug defector Muk Mossa, were able to capture wanted assassin Cel Kondar and kill slug king Urg Ummerk, effectively ending the war.

Kal-Mezz used the revenues generated by his newfound celebrity to start a galaxy-wide chain of bordello-casinos, which soured his public image. His image suffered further damage when paparazzi photos revealed that his eyepatch--which he had long maintained covered a war wound--was purely for show, and that his eyes were whole and undamaged. However, Kal-Mezz remains one of the wealthiest Kazzinoids in the galaxy.