Tiberius Grismath

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Tiberius Grismath
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Biographical Information
Homeworld Terra
Born 1959 AD
Died 2028 AD
Occupation Lord of Dhalkar (formerly)
Physical Description
Species Human
Sex Male
Height Just about right
Distinguishing Traits Crafty

Lord Tiberius Grismath was a statesman who briefly ruled the Terran nation of Dhalkar, among other adventures.

Rise to Power

Following First Contact in 1997 AD, Grismath exploited xenophobic fears among the Dhalkari populace to carry him into office on a surge of populist enthusiasm. In 1998 AD, Grismath declared himself Lord and instituted a despotic, authoritarian regime.


In 1999 AD, Lord Grismath's regime collapsed, and he fled Terra. The majority of his time offworld is unaccounted for, though many unconfirmed rumors of his exploits are sitting in an Encyclopedia Galactopticon file cabinet somewhere.


In 2028 AD, on Ala Centauri, Grismath was diagnosed with terminal xenoplexia. His efforts to find a cure led him to the employ of Data Longjohn, who entreated Grismath to stop Longjohn's former research partner, from releasing a dangerous Cure for Death upon an unsuspecting public. Grismath succeeded in stopping Macrembo and destroying The Center For Life Extension, but succumbed to xenoplexia shortly thereafter.